Universal Credit – Housing Element

Learn all about how Universal Credit works for people with housing costs. Discover the differences between Universal Credit and Housing Benefit, which it replaces for most people. Explore how to apply for it, how it is calculated and how it is paid.

Universal Credit – Housing Element is a full day course covering all you need to know to support people on Universal Credit, with a particular focus on people who rent. It is aimed at anyone who provides advice to tenants on Universal Credit and does not assume any prior understanding of welfare reform or how benefits work.

Who should attend?

Housing officers, customer service officers, benefits advisers, team leaders, and anyone who wants to better understand how the Universal Credit system works and give better advice.

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand who is affected by Universal Credit and when
  • Describe the Universal Credit application, commitment and sanction process
  • Calculate maximum Universal Credit entitlements including rents

Course Content

  • Identify the key objectives of Universal Credit
  • Examine the Universal Credit timetable and issues around migration
  • Describe the Universal Credit application process
  • Determine if sanctions are appropriate based on claimant commitment
  • Decide if different case studies would benefit from Alternative Payment Arrangements
  • Calculate maximum Universal Credit entitlements
  • Look at what housing costs are eligible for Universal Credit
  • Calculate maximum eligible housing costs

Ongoing help and advice

All delegates to any of our courses receive ongoing email support from Turquoise Training for 12 months as well as our newsletter. Get thorough answers to all your benefit questions!