Universal Credit for the self-employed

This one day course delves into the particular issues for self-employed people who claim Universal Credit. Intended for people who have a working knowledge of Universal Credit, this course expands on the Benefits Awareness and Universal Credit programme. Universal Credit brings in many new rules for self-employed people and it is imperative that people working with the self-employed understand the impacts of these new challenges.

“Excellent instructor who knew his subject in great detail. Great course.” – Employment adviser, Barnsley

Who should attend?

Self-employment advisers, benefits advisers, team leaders, business managers and anyone who wants to better understand how Universal Credit works with self-employment.

Course Aims

  • Describe the new challenges for self-employed people on Universal Credit
  • Examine the administrative process for reporting self-employment activity to the DWP
  • Uncover the financial implications of variable earnings in Universal Credit
  • Explore the differences between Universal Credit rules and the tax system

Course Content

  • What counts as self-employment for Universal Credit
  • Working out self-employed profits for Universal Credit
  • Look at how self-employed profit differs from HMRC rules
  • Working out Universal Credit maximum amounts
  • Calculating Universal Credit with self-employed profits
  • Variations in work allowances for different claimants
  • How the Minimum Income Floor works in practice
  • Implications of the Minimum Income Floor on self-employment with variable profits
  • How surplus earnings rules work and implications on variable incomes
  • Administrative burden on self-employed claimants – completing the new forms
  • Company directors – how are they treated differently from self-employed people and employees?

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