Training – Welfare to Work

We have worked alongside many welfare to work sector organisations to develop benefit awareness in team members. With trainers who have worked on the development of the Entitledto better-off calculator, we can offer training that emphasises better-off calculations and work incentives. We have worked with ERSA and Entitledto on their Getting to Grips with Universal Credit seminars and and offer expert benefits knowledge focused on the welfare to work industry.

Our in-house courses ensure your advisers are up to date with the latest developments in benefits and are prepared for the roll-out of universal credit.

Benefits Awareness

The Impact of Universal Credit

Advanced Universal Credit – Calculations and Problem Areas

Dan brings a wealth of industry experience into his workshops and offers a valuable insight into where the sector has come from, where it is now, and where it is going. The training is always accompanied by resources that assist our staff in their ongoing development. Dan provides an engaging and highly beneficial workshop to anyone working within the welfare sector.

Richard Holgate
Maximus UK