Getting the most from Entitledto

This half day course guides delegates on how to get the quickest and most accurate results from the Entitledto Better-off Calculator. Through a mix of demonstration and exercises, users will learn tips and tricks on getting the best value out of this powerful tool. Designed by a former consultant at Entitledto, it focuses on the practical application of the software and how it can help show the financial benefits of going from benefits in to work.

This course can be combined with Benefits Awareness and Universal Credit to provide a detailed understanding of the benefits system behind the Better-off Calculator.

“Great training, really enjoyed it, fantastic trainer.” – Employment adviser, Bradford

Who should attend?

Employment and self-employment advisers, benefits advisers, team leaders, business managers and anyone who wants to use the Entitledto Better-off Calculator more efficiently.

Course Aims

  • Demonstrate the full scope of functionality of the Entitledto Better-off Calculator
  • Develop users’ confidence in the system
  • Gain practical experience of performing correct calculations
  • (Optional) Show how the Entitledto Budget Tool meshes with the Better-off Calculator
  • (Optional) Look at the management information tools available behind the scenes of the calculator

Course Content

  • Demonstration of the various functionalities available within the Better-off Calculator
  • Tips and tricks for getting the best and most accurate results
  • (Optional) Demonstration of the Budgeting Tool integration
  • (Optional) Demonstration of management information tools
  • Practical exercises to allow users to successfully calculate entitlements for cases including:
    • Basic Jobseeker’s Allowance into work
    • More complex Employment and Support Allowance cases into work
    • Employment and Support Allowance cases with permitted work
    • How disability benefits affect premiums
    • Moving on to Tax Credits
    • Adding the Tax Credits disability element
    • Comparing the implications of different potential jobs
    • How self-employment affects entitlement
    • Moving on to Universal Credit
    • How to compare Universal Credit to current entitlements

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