Benefits Awareness and Universal Credit

This two day course provides essential knowledge of the benefits system, including Universal Credit. Through games, roleplay and practical exercises, delegates will gain confidence in their understanding of the system and will be able to guide clients through this complex area. This course can be combined with Getting the most from Entitledto to show how the Entitledto Better-off Calculator can help support team members demonstrate the complex financial impacts of moving into work.

“Really good course, I have loads more understanding of the benefits system and universal credit.” – Employment adviser, Chesterfield

Who should attend?

Employment and self-employment advisers, benefits advisers, team leaders, business managers and anyone who wants to better understand how the benefits system works.

Course Aims

  • Describe the key benefits available to people in Great Britain
  • Explain how different benefits interact with one another
  • Examine how the move into work affects benefit entitlements
  • Discuss who is affected by Universal Credit and when
  • Look at who will lose out and who will benefit from the move on to Universal Credit

Course Content

  • Government welfare spending and cuts over recent years
  • The broad benefit system and introduce concept of benefit categories
  • Means testing – establishing a maximum entitlement
  • Means testing – showing how income affects entitlement
  • Exploration of the various disability benefits that are available
  • The Universal Credit timetable and transitional protection
  • The Universal Credit application process
  • Claimant commitments and sanctions
  • Universal Credit payments and budgeting support
  • Comparison between Universal Credit and legacy benefit entitlements
  • Housing Costs bedroom calculation
  • The Benefit Cap

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