Introduction to Housing Benefit

Gain a detailed understanding of Housing Benefit and how it works. There are still millions of people on Housing Benefit, despite Universal Credit replacing it for some. Learn how it works, what rents it can cover and who can still claim it.

Introduction to Housing Benefit is a full day course covering the key knowledge required to give advice around Housing Benefit. It can be expanded to five days to provide a sufficiently detailed understanding of the system for new Housing Benefit assessors. It can be added to our Council Tax Support course for joint Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support officers.

Who should attend?

Local Authority customer service advisers, Housing Benefit assessors, benefits advisers, team leaders and anyone who wants to better understand how the Housing Benefit system works.

Key Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe who can claim Housing Benefit
  • Explain how Housing Benefit is calculated
  • Identify maximum rents that can be covered

Course Content

  • Who can claim Housing Benefit
  • How to make a claim
  • Effective start and end dates
  • When does a change of circumstance take effect
  • Which rents can be covered and how much
  • The effect of income and capital on Housing Benefit
  • The decision and appeal process

Ongoing help and advice

All delegates to any of our courses receive ongoing email support from Turquoise Training for 12 months as well as our newsletter. Get thorough answers to all your benefit questions!