About us

Turquoise Training and Consultancy provide specialist training and support on Universal Credit, welfare benefits, council tax and adult social care. We work with the employment and skills sector, social housing providers, charities, local authorities and media outlets, providing expert advice and easy to understand training in these complex areas.

We have more than fifteen years’ experience in welfare benefits and related sectors and have worked with major national organisations including the BBC, The Guardian, Reed in Partnership, Clarion Housing Group, Scope, StepChange Debt Charity and Entitledto.

Our training is designed to help you understand the implications of financial decisions. We help you understand the process that the government or the local authority makes when assessing an individual’s finances, but also the consequences for that person.

If you are making that financial decision, we will help you make it correctly and with understanding of the real life consequences. If you are supporting people affected by government or local authority financial decisions, we will help you understand how those decisions are made, what to do if they have been made wrong and how the person’s changing circumstances might affect things.